"I’ve taken four surf lessons thus far from Heather and each time I’ve gotten better at riding waves. By the end of the first lesson I was getting up on small waves and by the second lesson I was able to ride the majority of the waves I selected. Heather not only helps you in what waves you should try to get up on she also helps you with timing, foot placement, and offers positive reinforcement.”

~ Shep Sonstegard

“When I first met Heather I had just tried one hour at another “surf school” that emphasized pushing you into a broken wave and yelling “up”. Heather started by explaining how to handle your board in the water safely and later, how to make your way out without losing all your energy by getting caught in a set. You can see quite a lot of “experienced” surfers doing these basic things wrong. With Heather, you understand that surfing is a journey that one day you decide to start. It will never end as you will never stop improving and continuing to get better. Her explanations of what you are (still) doing wrong are very helpful and straight to the point. But most important of all, as you spend time with her, you will always feel safe and taken care of. You can feel that her love for the ocean and the sport is fundamental and real, as she dives through the waves or cheers other surfers on for a great ride. If you want to learn more than technique, if you want to understand what surfing is really about, call the girl from Hawaii. Call Heather.”

~ Nina T., Austria

“Surfing is a way of life, a state of mind and a sense of being one with nature. If you want to experience what if feels like to be a surfer, you’ve come to the right place.”

~ Alicia C., New York

“Receiving Heather’s card from a local surf shop was a truly fantastic turn of events. I decided to try surfing again after about 20 years and figured that lessons would be the smart way to go. The owner of the local shop had nothing but great things to say about Heather and was convinced that I would be happy with the results. He couldn’t have been more correct. Heather has such a pleasant and relaxed demeanor that she instantly makes you feel comfortable. She takes the time to research the weather and surf conditions, supplies all the gear you need and just does everything she can to ensure that your introduction to surfing is an enjoyable one. She impresses on you the importance of safety, ways to conserve energy, and sets you up for success with an understanding of “the Basics”. I’m a competitive guy by nature and Heather really made me realize that it isn’t a race that I have begun, but a journey that truly could last a lifetime. Her passion for the sport, the ocean and life in general is pretty inspiring. I’m learning every day that there is no such thing as a bad day spent surfing. If you are looking to start your journey, give Heather a call. You’ll be happy you did.”

~ Trae M., Playa Del Rey

“I’ve always been into sports in the water and thought surfing would be great to try. A few years ago, I went out with Heather by chance and I’m so glad I did!! Heather knows how to make your classes sooo much fun and exciting!! You can tell she truly loves what she does. Simply put, Heather is the best instructor and motivator I’ve ever had. Her enthusiasm is unmatched and she makes sure to give you what she knows you can handle and can easily show you how to improve if you want to go further. A year after my first lesson, I walked an hour trying to find her on the same beach I had my first lesson at... that’s how badly I wanted to make sure the many more times I would go surfing, would be with Heather. Would HIGHLY recommend if you want a good surf, check out Heather Alley-Soul Surf Sessions.”

~ Kevin Flack, Ontario

“After living in California for almost a year, I decided to treat myself to some surf lessons for my birthday. I always loved the ocean but had no idea how surfing would transform my life completely. My package with Heather gave me the foundation and skills to safely paddle out on my own. Her knowledge of the water, love of the sport and ability to pick the best water conditions for my skill level helped me improve after every lesson. At the end of our package of ten lessons, I was confident in surfing by myself and able to surf better than individuals who had been doing it for years. Surfing with Heather was so much fun that I decided to continue to take periodic lessons with her. I’ve currently been surfing with Heather for over 9 months and during that time I’ve really advanced from being a complete beginner to someone that can hold her own in a large lineup. In fact after only six months of surfing,  I was able to confidently ride the large and powerful winter waves of Hawaii. Although these results may not be typical, I can say with great confidence that it would never have been possible without the foundation and expertise of Heather. I highly recommend Heather and Soul Surf Sessions to anyone learning how to surf or looking to improve on their current surfing skills.”

~ Becky N. Santa Monica, CA

“Ever since I came to California 10 years ago, I wanted to try surfing, but really didn’t think it was something I would be able to do. I’m not super athletic or coordinated, but living near the California coast and watching all the surfers, I had to give it a shot! I’m so grateful I found Heather to teach me! She was a very thorough, caring & knowledgeable instructor. I don’t think you can get any better than someone who learned to surf in Hawaii! She explained the different parts of the surfboard as well as the various positions and stances I would be attempting in the water. She had me practice “pop ups” and made sure I was positioned in the right place so as to stay balanced on the board as well as making sure my stance was correct. Then she went into the water to demo the onshore lesson she had just given me. If I had any questions or concerns, she was more than willing to answer them and guide me through the process we had just been through on land. And finally it was time to put all her teachings into action... I did it! Several times! Some rides were longer than others, but I got up! The one thing I will say is, I can’t wait to do it again! It’s great exercise and always fun to have a challenge as exhilarating as learning to surf! Thank you, Heather, for helping me cross that off my bucket list! You rock!!”

~ Amelia Borella, Los Angeles