Soul Surf Sessions opened for business in 2012 with Heather Alley leading the way. Heather's experience in the ocean started at a very early age. As a third generation to be born and raised in Hawaii, her mother taught her how to body surf at age four. By age eight, body boarding was a natural progression and she received her first body board on her 8th birthday. By age 15, she got her drivers license and couldn't wait to drive herself to the other side of the island that was more ideal for learning to surf.

The rugged south side of the island Heather grew up on meant dealing with shallow reefs and big trade wind swells. This conditioning at an early age allowed her to travel and surf anywhere her adventurous spirit led her. As a result, Heather has become an international surfer traveling to locations in Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Italy, Spain, England and beyond.

A love of the ocean has also led Heather to pursue other water sports such as stand up paddle boarding (SUP), sailing, kayaking, swimming, wind surfing, fishing, spear fishing, free diving, scuba diving, and outrigger canoe paddling.

While growing up in Hawaii and eventually moving to Redondo Beach, California at age 19, Heather competed in surf competitions. Bored with having to wait around all day at the beach to surf her heats, usually in poor wave conditions, Heather decided not to continue down the path towards professional surfing. Instead, Heather devoted herself to surfing strictly for the fun of it and as a result became a talented "soul surfer". This talent grew into an expansive teaching career which she has now developed into her own business.

Heather has taught others the joy of soul surfing for more than twenty years at surf camps and surf schools on both coasts and in other countries. Her client list has grown to put her highly in demand and one of the best in her field.

Additional Training:

American Red Cross Ocean Lifeguard Certification


AED - Blood Born Pathogen

PADI Certified Open Water Diver

FII Waterman Survival Extended

Mukti Yoga Pranayama and Meditation